Injury Victims Alliance:

Support Groups, Help, Resources and Information for victims of injury, accidents and abuse in Ontario Canada

Help when you need it most

The Alliance is a group that provides help to those suffering from injury/injuries related to trauma, including accidents and other trauma producing events.

We provide information, education, directories of services and facilitate support group meetings.

(A) Know your rights
1.  Financial Services Commission
- regulates insurance companies.  Provides needed forms and information.

2.  Ontario Government Website
- ODSP and CPP application source.

3.  WSIB Website
- provides information on the WSIB program and process.

4.  College of Physicians and Surgeons
- website providing information on physicians, services and other resources.

5.  Criminal Injuries Compensation Board
- website providing information on compensation for victims of criminal injury.

6.  Legal Advice - Injury and accidents
- personal injury lawyers advice, information and resources for victims of accidents, car accidents and injuries Toronto and Ontario.

7.  Legal Advice - Sex Abuse, Sex Assault, Rape
- sexual abuse and sex assault lawyers advice, information and resources for victims of abuse and assault in Toronto and Ontario.  Legal Help for victims of sexual abuse, assault and rape.


(B) Educational Materials
1. Head Injury/Concussions/Brain Injury
CDC website - traumatic brain injury

2.  Whiplash/Chronic Pain
Emedicine website - whiplash

3.  Traumatic Fractures
Emedicine advice - fractures

4.  Spinal Cord Injury
Canadian Paraplegic Association

5.  Sexual Abuse and Sexual Assault
Ontario Coalition of Rape Crisis Centres

Ontario Network of Sexual Assault Treatment Centres

6.  Psychological, psychiatric & emotional injury
CMHA website

Bereaved families of Ontario

Sick Kids Hospital - Support & Counselling

Therapists in Toronto Ontario